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Caleb Mutch

Postdoctoral Scholar; Visiting Assistant Professor of Music (Music Theory)


Caleb Mutch is a postdoctoral scholar and visiting assistant professor of music theory at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. He came to Bloomington from Columbia University, where he completed a dissertation on the development of the concept of the cadence in tonal theory.

A native of Canada, Mutch began his formal musical studies at the University of British Columbia, where he focused on music history, theory, and trombone performance. It was there that he learned of the history of music theory and found that its combination of music, academic study, and languages was a great fit for his interests. His desire to study the history of theory in more detail led him to grad school in New York City, where he steeped himself in Greek and Latin, music analysis, and operas at the Met.

His interest in the development of musical thought over the centuries and in points of contact between music theory and non-musical subjects led to his dissertation research on how authors have used the concept of the cadence over the course of the twelfth through nineteenth centuries.

When not involved with musical pursuits, Mutch enjoys taking on construction projects around the house, doing hikes around the continent, and making recipes from around the world.