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Celebrating composer and scholar Juan Orrego-Salas

A musical world premiere, colleagues coming together to discuss topics close to his heart - what better way to celebrate the 85th birthday of Juan Orrego-Salas? The Latin American Music Center and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Indiana University are pleased to present these events during the interdisciplinary colloquium "Composer and Community" December 4-5 in honor of Juan Orrego-Salas's milestone birthday. Orrego-Salas's new composition La ciudad celeste (The Celestial City) will premiere at the end of the colloquium in a performance conducted by LAMC Director Carmen Helena Téllez, and performed by the IU Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, University Singers, and Chamber Orchestra.

An important figure in the history of contemporary Latin American music, Orrego-Salas has made significant contributions as a composer, musician and scholar. His impact on Indiana University continues through the Latin American Music Center, which he founded in 1961. Following his retirement from the IU School of Music in 1987, Orrego-Salas has continued to be active in the areas of scholarship and composition.

The Colloquium "Composer and Community" brings together musicologists, ethnomusicologists, composers, musicians, and arts directors from across the nation as well as Mexico, Colombia, and Australia. The scholarly presentations are divided into four sessions, each reflecting a different perspective on the role of the creative musical mind in society. On Saturday morning, the colloquium focuses on musicology, followed by presentations by composers in the afternoon. Sunday afternoon's first session is on Cultural Policy, Reception and Promotion. The second is an interdisciplinary panel, led by Philip Bohlman of the University of Chicago.

The participants are: Helane Anderson (Boosey and Hawkes Music Publishers); Egberto Bermúdez (Musicology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia); Philip Bohlman (Ethnomusicology, University of Chicago); Gerardo Dirié (Composition, Queensland Conservatory, Australia); Don Freund (Composition, Indiana University); Jeffrey Gould (Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Indiana University); Juan Pablo Izquierdo (Conducting, Carnegie Mellon); Cándida Jaquez (Ethnomusicology, Indiana University); Christina Kuzmych (Station Manager, WFIU); Luiz Fernando Lopes (Musicology, Skidmore College); Ricardo Lorenz (Latin American Music Center, Indiana University); Marianella Machado (Spanish Comparative Literature, Eastern Kentucky University); John Nuechterlein (Executive Director, American Composers Forum); Ana María Ochoa (Ethnomusicology, Columbia University); Juan Orrego-Salas (Latin American Music Center, Indiana University); Gabriela Ortiz (Composition, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico); Leonora Saavedra (Musicology, University of California-Riverside); Ruth Stone (Ethnomusicology, Indiana University); Carmen Helena Téllez (Latin American Music Center, Indiana University); David Vayo (Composition, Illinois Wesleyan University).

La ciudad celeste

The world premiere of Juan Orrego-Salas's La ciudad celeste (The Celestial City), taking place on Sunday, December 5 at 8:00 p.m. in Auer Hall, will be performed alongside the Missa (Kyrie and Gloria) from J.S. Bach's Mass in B Minor. Carmen Helena Téllez, Director of the Latin American Music Center and Professor of Choral Conducting in the IU School of Music, will conduct the IU Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, University Singers, and Chamber Orchestra.

La ciudad celeste is a single-movement work. Its "continuum" is based on a dialogue between the baritone soloist and the chorus, with several orchestral episodes reflecting the outstanding images of the narration from John's Revelation. For more about this new work, read about it at .

La ciudad celeste was dedicated to Orrego-Salas's friend, former student, and colloquium participant Juan Pablo Izquierdo. Mr. Izquierdo is currently Professor of Conducting at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh. This work may be dedicated to his friend, but the weekend is dedicated to a star in our music community - Juan Orrego-Salas.


The Latin American Music Center, Carmen Helena Tellez, Director and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Jeffrey Gould, Director present

Juan Orrego Salas: A Celebration of His 85th Birthday


Simon Building, School of Music, Indiana University, Saturday and Sunday, December 4-5, 2004, (Schedule subject to change)

Saturday, December 4, 2004

9:30 am-12:00 pm Sweeney Hall

Papers and presentations in Musicology

1:00-5:00 pm

Papers and presentations in Composition

Sunday, December 5, 2004

12:00 - 3:00 pm, Sweeney Hall

Papers and presentations in Cultural Policy, Reception and Promotion

4:00 - 5:30 pm, Sweeney Hall

Interdisciplinary panel- Led by Philip Bohlman

8:00 pm, Auer Hall (7:00 pm- Pre-concert talk in Sweeney Hall)

Concert: University Singers, Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, and Chamber Orchestra; Carmen Helena Téllez, conductor

- Orrego Salas: La ciudad celeste

- J.S. Bach: Missa from the Mass in B-Minor