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Lindsay Medina appointed to IU Jacobs School of Music faculty to coordinate Project Jumpstart

August 23, 2012

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The Indiana University Jacobs School of Music announced today (Aug. 23) that Lindsay Medina has joined its faculty as a visiting academic specialist and coordinator of student career development program Project Jumpstart.

Medina, Lindsay
Lindsay Medina
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Author and nationally recognized career specialist Angela Beeching launched the project in 2010 as a student-centered and student-driven career and entrepreneurial leadership program, presenting career workshops, career resources and advising for students at the Jacobs School of Music. Beeching continued in a mentoring role last year with interim coordinator Peter Thoresen.

"Project Jumpstart has provided students at the Jacobs School with numerous opportunities to learn from active experts in the field," said Medina, a Jacobs doctoral student. "In the past year, the number of programs, resources, and faculty and student participants has more than doubled."

According to Medina, in addition to programs and resources focusing on music entrepreneurship and presentational materials for job seekers, Project Jumpstart hopes to expand its 2012-13 offerings to include career exploration and assistance in finding meaningful work experience.

"By helping students discover their unique passions and pairing their talents with real-world training, Project Jumpstart assists students in identifying their calling as artists," Medina explained. "Whether just beginning their degree programs or already seeking employment, Project Jumpstart can help students explore their life's purpose, experience professional work and present their unique 'product' to potential employers."

For more information, visit Project Jumpstart.

About Lindsay Medina

Soprano and educator Lindsay Medina previously served as an instructor for the Indiana University Student Academic Center and the College and Life-Long Learning Program.

Medina created a curriculum that emphasized value awareness, goal setting, major exploration, and career development. Through defining personal success, developing transferable skills, and engaging in creativity, she assisted students in recognizing opportunities that aligned with their unique ambitions.

Her concern for student well-being led to an appointment in 2006 as the IU Student Association's Director of Women's Affairs. The university administration recognized her efforts to engage students, faculty, and staff by naming her Best IUSA Director.

Medina was a founding member of the Jacobs School of Music's Student Representative Committee and has served as a student voice on numerous counsels and committees, including the Jacobs School Counsel and the IU Health and Safety Committee.

As symposium chair of Student NATS, Medina coordinated and secured funding for the New Voice Educators Symposium and the Living Composers Forum. She was named as a finalist in the Independent Women's Forum's first annual Scholarship Essay Competition. Her writings on the specific challenges facing females in higher education fueled an invitation to tea at the U.S. vice president's residence with Second Lady of the United States Lynne Cheney.

A doctoral student at the Jacobs School, Medina has sung the roles of the Sandman in Hansel and Gretel and the Page in Rigoletto with IU Opera Theater.

Her research interests include adapting educational philosophy and methods to private voice instruction. She has performed at the Indiana State Holiday Dinner, various state political conventions, and the Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Medina has conducted master classes and recitals at Sweet Briar College in Lynchburg, Va., and the Dominican Campus in Nashville, Tenn.

In 2010, she and her husband, Cody, added lullabies to their varied repertoire with the birth of their identical twin daughters, Anne Marie and Harper Lee.