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Harold Popp

Adjunct Lecturer in Music (Music in General Studies)

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Music in General Studies Program

  • Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1969
  • M.F.A., University of Iowa, 1967
  • M.M.E., Indiana University, 1960
  • B.M.E., Ottawa University, 1959

Harold Popp is adjunct lecturer in music in general studies at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. He is also music professor emeritus of Wichita State University and has spent a lifetime involved in the world of the arts as educator, composer, conductor, trombonist, author, and editor.

Popp has been a professor and administrator of music at six universities, spanning 52 years.

His compositions have been performed internationally, and his role as writer and editor of a state magazine and an international journal has contributed to the dimensions of his impact.

As a trombonist, he has performed extensively in a variety of venues.

Popp’s desire is to share the world of creativity in the arts, encouraging individuals to discover their unique voice to express their inner self and reach an increased level of fulfillment.

In addition to his other degrees, he received an honorary M.H.L. from Ottawa University in 1978.